Bad predictions

So my predictions for the postseason thus far have been nothing short of atrocious.  If this was a march madness style pool, I’d be destined for last place.  I nailed Tampa in 4 exactly but was wrong on every other pick. 

So what to do now?  Well, I’ve decided to scrap the prediction thing.

I am rooting for a Tampa Bay – Philly World Series.  I don’t think it will happen, but if it ends up a Red Sox – Dodgers World Series, I might be forced to leave the country.  I thought the Eagles – Patriots Super Bowl back in the day was the worst thing ever, but Red Sox – Dodgers might top it. 

On the positive though (at least for me), I think the Rays are going to hang tough against the Red Sox.  Their pitching matches up favorably and the Red Sox definitely have some weaknesses. 

As for the Phillies – Dodgers… oh my.  Have you looked at those teams?  How does Joe Torre do it?  They are probably the most talented team in the NL, underachieved all year, and now they’re in a position to go to the World Series.  Lowe and Billingsley are a great 1-2.  Is there any hope that Philly wins the first two games at home?  I don’t think so.  I think best case the Dodgers take home field away and worst they take a commanding lead heading back to L.A.  But hey – I’ve been wrong before.

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