Hot Stove already cooking

Well, it doesn’t take long for the rumors to start regarding the Yankees offseason plans.

First, we get the following:

Frank Russo, on New York Baseball Digest Radio’s Yankee Special, mentioned that his connections have shared that the Mets are accepting inquiries for Carlos Beltran. And, further, according to Russo, his sources have also shared that there’s a rumor of a possible deal between the Mets and Yankees which would breakdown as follows:

Carlos Beltran from the Mets to the Yankees in exchange for Robinson Cano (with the Yankees taking on most of Cano’s contract), either Jose Veras or Brian Bruney, Ian Kennedy, and another prospect from the Yankees system.

I don’t really believe this to be true, but in some ways it does make sense for both teams.  IPK might never pan out in the AL East, but he’d almost certainly be an effective starter in the NL.  Ditto for Jose Veras.  Mets need a second baseman.  Yankees need a center fielder.

I can’t imagine the Yankees would really pay Cano’s contract though.  If a deal like this went down, it would essentially be the Yankees saying they no longer think Cano will develop into a real offensive force (which could well be the case). 

From SI:

The Yankees are said to want to sign two out of three starting pitchers they’re coveting — CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett and Derek Lowe.  Sabathia is, of course, their No. 1 target. But Yankees players seem to love the idea of signing Burnett, a pitcher who has dominated them.

What the players think is mostly irrelevant.  Really, I think the Yankees will be fine is they sign one of those three to a reasonable contract (by market standards), especially if either Pettitte or Moose (or both) is coming back.

The Heyman article also mentions how in this time of economic recession, the Yankees are looking at increased revenues of “a couple hundred million.”  So year, I guess an offseason haul of Sabathia, Tex, and a Lowe or Burnett is not out of the question.     


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