Playoff Thoughts

*  I said the Phillies couldn’t beat the Dodgers top 2.  They, of course, promptly did.  Reverse jinx?  Wasn’t my intention, but if it keeps us from a Red Sox – Dodgers World Series, well I’ll take it.

*  Must win game for the Rays last night.  So much for the battle of the “aces,” huh?  Kazmir and Beckett showed that pitching is a very difficult thing to predict.  Which is why the Yankees will probably go into next season with 7 or 8 viable starting options.  You just have to hope that once you get to the postseason, one of your pitchers (at least) gets hot.  So for the record, is Beckett still clutch?

*  On that note, don’t get fooled too much by playoff performances.  We tend to overvalue players because they have a good couple games.  I know you’re tempted to say “we need a player like that” anytime you see a player playing well in the postseason.  Yeah, Shane Victorino looks like he could be a nice player, but his OPS+ this year was only 105.  Yeah, Manny Ramirez looks like the right handed Babe Ruth, but he’ll be 37 and doesn’t deserve a 4 or 5 year deal.  It’s this kind of thinking that makes people believe Scott Brosius is better than Alex Rodriguez.  Same thing happens in the Super Bowl; remember that Tampa Bay defensive back that got a huge money deal because he won MVP?  Well I don’t even remember his name.  So yeah, that didn’t work out well.         

*  And speaking of “aces,” for all intents and purposes Jon Lester is the Red Sox ace right now.  Remember, not too long ago he and Phil Hughes were two of the top pitching prospects, only Hughes is one year younger.  Maybe Phil Franchise didn’t beat cancer, but he still has a lot of good baseball ahead of him.


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