Stupidity in baseball has a great article about the stupidity in baseball commentary.

I don’t have much commentary except to say that I agree completely.  It is completely insane that there are so many people who are generously compensated to cover the game of baseball yet do not understand basic things about the game.  My list of futility: Joe Morgan, Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, John Kruk, and Steve Phillips.  There are certainly more; those are just the ones who consistently garner my ire.

The real problem, at least for me, is that the things these announcers and commentators say are what informs a great deal of the public.  So when Joe Morgan says things like “RBIs are more indicative of a good hitter than OPS” and “Moneyball is about not swinging at good pitches and not stealing bases and therefore can’t win in the postseason even though I’ve never read the book,” people believe these things to be true.  When, of course, they aren’t.  Well, except for all that stuff about Morgan never reading Moneyball.  That is painfully true.



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