The market for Baldelli

I advocated awhile back that the Yankees should sign Rocco Baldelli as he could be a cheap, high upside investment – exactly what Brian Cashman likes.

Baldelli’s home run last night against the Red Sox though, while enjoyable, makes me wonder what the market will be like for him.  Really, I would believe almost anything.  Originally, I figured most teams would stay away from him and he’d be available on an incentive-laden 1 year deal.  With Baldelli’s current condition, he’s a part time player.  How much would a team be willing to invest in him?  If a team was convinced that Baldelli’s medical condition will improve though, I could see him being offered a bigger contract.

So what would the max be?  Maybe a 1 year deal worth $ 3-4 million base with some incentives thrown in?  Maybe a second year at $6 million that will vest based on ABs? 

If the Yankees are serious about giving Gardner a shot, having Baldelli around makes a lot of sense.  He could play CF once a week against a lefty and otherwise be a reserve.  Yeah, he’d be an expensive reserve but an extremely talented one.  And if he ever got his medical condition under control, he could end up being a steal.  The Yankees can afford to spend a little extra based on potential.

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