Rumor of a rumor

From Joel Sherman at the NYPost:

Here is something to think about: Bowa is probably the leading candidate to replace Bobby Meacham as the Yankees New York Yankees’ third base coach. He just spent 2 1-2 months with Ramirez and loved it. The Yanks do not currently have Ramirez as a priority for the offseason, and it is possible that Ramirez might not want to return home to New York after saying he did not like the Boston fishbowl (though I suspect the team that gives Manny a penny more is the one he will sign with). I would not be surprised if Bowa became a strong advocate of signing Ramirez if he does indeed become a Yankee employee again.

Everything I’ve read up until this point has said Bowa has no interest in returning to the Yankees.  He is a “Torre guy” and even when he was with the Yanks, he said he only wanted to coach under Torre.  Why would he suddenly pick up shop and go to the Yankees?  And why would the Yankees bring in someone who would almost certainly be mentioned as Girardi’s replacement during the first 2009 losing streak?

This Bowa talk is nothing more than a rumor.  So then to make matters worse, Sherman starts the rumor that if Bowa WAS to come back to the Yankees, he MIGHT advocate signing Manny, which is also something the Yankees likely have no interest in.  I know every media outlet is going to try and tie Manny to the Yankees in some way, but this is absurd.


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