Who would pay the Manny ransom?

Manny Ramirez has made it clear that he is looking to secure every possible dollar to help feed generation after generation of Boras children.  A GOOD and reasonable contract for Manny would be like 2 years, $40 million with an option for a third year.  Even if that third year was guaranteed, it wouldn’t be awful. 

But Boras is throwing around numbers like 6 years and $140 million which is absolutely absurd.  He won’t get that much – remember he said Johnny Damon was close to a $100 million player and the Yankees signed him for $54 million – but you gotta believe that he thinks he can get 4 years at close to 25 per. 

Now here’s the thing: everyone believes someone will pay Manny what he wants.  But who will it be? 

:  The perfect fit.  Fans love him there and the team needs him.  One thing Torre does do well is manage personalities, and we know Manny is a personality.  However, when the Dodgers made the Manny trade they had Manny agree to decline arbitration so that they could get draft picks.  If the Dodgers aren’t willing to risk arbitration, where they would get Manny on a 1 year deal (which is the dream scenario), why would they pony up to Boras’ demands?

Angels:  They could use his bat if they lose Tex, but OF is really not a need.  Obviously, LA loves Manny, but the Angels also aren’t prone to breaking the bank on one player, even if they did give Gary Mathews Jr. and Torii Hunter crazy deals.

Mets:  This would be a classic Minaya move: overspend on a big name and a big hitter.  Manny would love to get back to hometown NY and the Mets could use a productive OF.

Giants:  Really they’re on the list because they’re dumb enough to throw money at free agents when they should be rebuilding. 

One team who it won’t be is the Yankees.  I’m sure every media source will try to include them in the rumor mill, but it’s not happening. 

My guess is it will be either the Dodgers or the Mets and the longer it plays out, the more likely it is the Dodgers, as Manny will be forced to “settle” for something bordering on reasonable.

If a team blows everyone else away though, I’d bet it’s the Mets.


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