Daily News Pt 1 : Curmudgeon Mike Lupica

I’ve been absolutely astounded by the level of stupidity in The Daily News’ recent Yankee articles.  And considering that I expect very little, that’s saying something.

First up, Mike Lupica.

Bombers bank on cash cow for Hank Steinbrenner’s little piggy

What does that even mean?  Hank Steinbrenner’s little piggy?  Doesn’t pretty much everyone know that Hank Steinbrenner has very little say in what goes on with the Yankees these days?

Now the Yankees have to spend more. Maybe there would be a different plan, maybe a lot of things would be different now with the Yankees, if Hank Steinbrenner had allowed Alex Rodriguez to walk away after Rodriguez opted out of his contract; if, instead of spending $300 million on A-Rod, they could have made the Johan Santana trade and spent half of A-Rod’s money on Santana.

The A-Rod deal and the Santana deal were pretty exclusive things.  If the Santana deal made sense, Cashman obviously had Hank’s blessing to spend the money.  You know this.

Except: They kept A-Rod, didn’t make the Santana trade, finished out of the money. A-Rod has been here five years now, and the progression for the team since he got to the old Stadium is this: ALCS, first-round loss, first-round loss, first-round loss, no playoffs.

Wait – so the 2008 NY Yankees – a team that failed primarily because of an inability to score runs – would have made the playoffs if they had traded for a pitcher rather than bringing back their best hitter?  I guess not all hindsight is 20/20.

Nobody is saying this is all his fault, of course. But one year after the Yankees passed on Santana – maybe so they wouldn’t have to add $550 million out of Hank’s piggy bank in future deals in one winter – they still need an ace. There is no telling how much they might overpay to get one.

You essentially just said it’s his fault.  You are implying that if the Yankees had not brought back A-Rod and instead had traded away their best young talent for Santana, they would have made the playoffs.  There is of course almost no chance that is true, but it is what you just implied. 

Last year they kept their own: A-Rod, Mo Rivera, Jorge Posada. This year they don’t just have to get better, they have to finally get younger, maybe look a little more like the teams that did make the playoffs in their league, teams that actually have a mix of veterans and kids.

You’ve got to be kidding me.  So one paragraph after saying the Yankees should have mortgaged their future in a Santana trade, you’re saying they have to get younger?  You know how you get younger?  By letting young talent like Hughes, Kennedy, etc develop.  That’s how.

Then there is the convenient “Final Tally” on the sidebar:

If the Yanks sign Sabathia, Teixiera, Burnett and Ramirez, it would add approximately $88 million to the $140 million they have committed to their returning players. That $228 million wouldn’t include Mike Mussina and Andy Pettitte returning. If both do, that would add $30-35 million, bringing the total payroll over $250 million.

There is no chance that is going to happen.  Seriously.  Yeah, maybe I’m not great with predictions, but there is no chance CC, Tex, AJ, Manny, Moose, and Pettitte are all in pinstripes next year.  Sure the Yankees are in a position to spend some money, but that doesn’t mean they are going to sign every free agent there is. 


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