The ideal lineup

The Replacement Level Yankees Weblog runs some different scenarios for the 2009 Yankee lineup. The ideal one, in terms of offensive and defensive production, is letting Abreu and Giambi go and signing Teixeira.  I think the ideal lineup is as such:

1.  Damon, LF
2.  Jeter, SS
3.  Teixeira, 1B
4.  A-Rod, 3B
5.  Matsui, DH
6.  Posada, C
7.  Cano, 2B
8.  Nady, RF
9.  Gardner, CF

Signing Tex has to be plan A.  I’m not saying the Yankees should give him whatever he wants, but they definitely should be in the hunt.  If his demands become absurd, then start looking at other options (Giambi, Abreu, Burrell, Dunn, etc). 


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