Plan B : The Big Donkey?

On today, they advocate for the signing of Adam Dunn, aka The Big Donkey.  Now Dunn is an outfielder, so he doesn’t particularly fill a need for the 2009 Yankees (I have no idea about his ability to play first base).  But from an offensive standpoint, he would go a long ways towards filling the hole left by Abreu and Giambi.  He walks a ton and hits lots of homeruns.

Long term he could be a good fit.  He’s only 29 and there is a good chance the Yanks could lose both Damon and Matsui after next season. 

That said, I think the biggest reason to sign him is that he is undervalued.  As nomaas mentions, there was very little interest in him at the trading deadline and there may simply be no big money deals out there for him.  For some reason, people shy away from low batting averages and lots of strikeouts, though those things are relatively meaningless when compared to walks and homeruns.

The bottom line is you need to sign talent when it is undervalued.  There is a decent chance that will be the case with Adam Dunn this offseason.  Maybe he wouldn’t make the Yankees more dynamic or better on defense, but the guy is young and he hits.  Everyone seemed convinced that Ryan Howard was worthless after all his postseason strikeouts then suddenly he hits a couple timely bombs and he’s a potential MVP.  Adam Dunn has perhaps even greater power potential and more consistency.

Would I also be a little excited about adding a guy nicknamed “The Big Donkey” to the lineup?  As Sarah Palin would say, you betcha.


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