Where to put Posada?

One of the biggest reasons put forth by many that the Yankees should not sign Mark Teixiera is that they should leave first base open in case Posada has to be moved from the catcher position before his contract expires.

Bill Madden, in his ridiculous “trade for Holliday” article that I critiqued a few days ago, even said the Yankees should immediately transition Posada to first, just in case.

As I said then, Posada’s value is tied to his ability to catch.  There are lots of first basemen and designated hitters who are good at hitting.  Catchers?  Not so much.  So if Posada is moved, he becomes merely an average player at best and quite possibly below average.  His defense at first would likely be poor and we know he can’t run. 

So if this means the Yankees eventually have to make Posada a part time player, say catching 60 games, DHing 60 games, and being a bench player the rest, so be it.  Is that worth $13.1 million a year?  No.  But this is the Yankees we’re talking about.  A mediocre firstbasemen/DH isn’t woth $13.1 million either, so what’s the difference?

If it gets to the point where Posada absolutely can’t catch and he can’t be moved elsewhere (because he’s blocked, or whatever) then the Yankees might just have to eat some of his salary and send him elsewhere where he could DH.  Sure, that’s not ideal, but the Yankees have the financial resources to overcome such a situation. 

What would truly be impractical would be for the Yankees to pass on Teixiera if they can sign him to a decent contract.


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