More “plan B” options

Kevin Davidoff discusses talks between the Yankees and White Sox:

The Yankees have spoken with the White Sox about their interest in Nick Swisher. The person with whom I spoke about this stressed to me that the talks were extremely preliminary. The White Sox are not looking to dump Swisher, contrary to some reports out there. They’d much rather unload someone like Jermaine Dye, Paul Konerko or Jim Thome, although those are three challenging assignments.

The guys over at River Ave. Blues go over this one and speculate that the White Sox might want someone like Johnny Damon.

A Damon for Swisher swap actually makes some sense.  Damon is the better player, but Swisher is younger,signed to a good deal, and fits a need.  Sure, there would then be an open hole in the OF, but finding an outfielder isn’t that hard.  The Yankees could then sign a player like Adam Dunn.  Dunn and Swisher are both high OBP guys who see lots of pitches, much like Giambi and Abreu.  Plus, the Yankees would be buying low on both players (and selling high on Damon).

A lineup that looks like this:

1.  Jeter, SS
2.  Swisher, 1B
3.  A-Rod, 3B
4.  Dunn, RF
5.  Matsui, DH
6.  Posada, C
7.  Nady, LF
8.  Cano, 2B
9.  Gardner, CF

… wouldn’t look too bad.


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