Scott Boras and Varitek

From the Boston Globe:

Red Sox GM Theo Epstein met with Boras yesterday. While Epstein wouldn’t get specific, it was learned the sides spoke about Jason Varitek, with Boras holding on to his desire to get Varitek a long-term deal in the Jorge Posada range (four years, $52.4 million), while the Sox, according to industry sources, prefer a shorter term and would be surprised if a longer term unfolded for Varitek.

Is Scott Boras insane?  When Posada signed his deal, he was coming of a season where his OPS+ was 154.  Varitek is one year older and his OPS+ last year was 73.  Varitek hasn’t had a good offensive season since 2005, so last year was not an aberration.  Isn’t Varitek more of a backup or platoon option at this point?  Why would anyone give him more than a 1 year deal worth maybe 3 or 4 million?  I mean, obviously I would love the Red Sox to give him $52 million.  But it would be one of the dumbest signings ever.


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