So where does Holliday really end up?

So the Rockies yesterday traded Matt Holliday to the A’s for 2 prospects and Huston Street.  It’s a good haul for the Rockies considering they only had Holliday for one more season. 

The question, obviously, is why did the A’s make this trade?  There is little chance they will be able to afford Holliday in the long term.  Do they think they can compete in ’09?  Certainly they have a shot, but their team isn’t strong enough to be able to assume they’re one player away.

In general, I always assume Billy Beane knows what he is doing.  So will he look to trade Holliday for an even greater package?  I guess it’s possible, especially if Holliday first proves he can hit in Oakland.  So maybe Beane believes that Holliday is a better hitter than his splits in Colorado indicate and figures once it is proven, Holliday can be traded for even greater value.  Or maybe ownership just said “trade for Holliday, we have a stadium to fill.” 

Either way, it’s doubtful Holliday is a member of the A’s by 2010.

If he does indeed reach free agency next year, and assuming he has another strong season, you can expect the Yankees to be involved, as both Damon and Matsui (and possibly Nady, too) come off the books.  I personally think Holliday is overrated and the A’s are taking a pretty big risk here, but I am relieved the Yankees didn’t give up anything for him.  


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