Nick Swisher: Highway Robbery

I responded to a RAB post the other day, agreeing that Nick Swisher would be a great pickup for the Yankees.  Well, the purposed deal was Swisher for Damon, which I thought made sense.  Well, the Yanks got him for less.  Much less.

As in, almost nothing.  They essentially give up Betemit (who wasn’t all that valuable to begin with) and Jeff Marquez, a mid-level minor-league right-handed pitcher (of which the Yankees have many).  The minor league reliever the Yanks get back (Teixiera) is probably better than the one they gave up (Nunez) and now they have an extra spot on the 40 man roster.

Seriously, how does Cashman pull this off?  It would be one thing if Swisher has a crazy contract, but he doesn’t.  Yes, he’s coming off a bad year, but he still gets on base and hits for power and last year was likely somewhat fluky.  And even if it isn’t, it’s a risk the Yankees can certainly afford to take.

Dave at Pride of the Yankees has a good take on the deal.  I’m astounded to see how many negative comments there are about this trade though (just look at the comments of the post I linked to).  Things like “Swisher better not replace Teixiera.”  In case people don’t know, the Yankees never had Teixiera.  And it makes ME hate Yankee fans when I hear one assume the Yankees should sign every big player out there.  Do you really think it’s wise to give out two gigantic money deals in one offseason?

If the price for Tex falls to something reasonable, by all means I’d expect the Yankees to make an offer.  Consider the following lineup though:

1.  Damon, LF
2.  Jeter, SS
3.  Posada, C
4.  A-Rod, 3B
5.  Matsui, DH
6.  Swisher, 1B
7.  Nady, RF
8.  Cano, 2B
9.  Gardner, CF

That’s what the Yanks have right this minute, and despite the “we need an all-star at every position” mentality of some, it’s a pretty good one.  Sure the Yanks may want to kick the tires on some other names and find an “insurance” player, since there are question marks (will Nady regress, will Matsui and Posada stay healthy) but every team has question marks.    


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