Moose hangs it up

Moose is retiring.  Good for him – he gets to leave his profession still being one of the best at his job.  Not many in baseball can say that.

He was quiet consistency in an age of steroids, home runs, and broken down pitchers.  He reinvented himself multiple times.  He pitched in the toughest division in baseball.  He pitched great in Fenway park as a member of the hated Yankees.  Cashman has, on numerous occasions, called signing Mussina one of his best decisions – and remember, they chose signing him that offseason instead of signing Manny.

Moose is a Hall of Famer.  If he would be considered one simply by “hanging on” for 3 more years and getting 300 wins, then he is one now.

Now that the Yanks know for sure that Moose isn’t coming back, I’d expect them to start the process of signing Andy Pettitte.

But congratulations to Moose on a great career.  I had never even considered it before, but does number 35 get retired?  Or will the next person who wears it at least get booed a little?


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