Backup Options

From Peter Gammons, regarding OF/1B type free agents out on the market:

For free agents, after Teixeira, Ramirez and Burrell, there are Junior Griffey, Dunn, Bradley, Garret Anderson, Abreu, Ibanez, Brad Wilkerson, Eric Hinske, Juan Rivera, Cliff Floyd, Giambi, Rocco Baldelli, Jim Edmonds, Joe Crede, Kevin Millar and Luis Gonzalez are all in the corner bat/DH bracket.

“There’s no question this is a dual market situation,” says one GM. “The corner bat/DH market is flooded, and the stock market is drowning. Not a good combination, not when pitching rules the market.”

A lot of veteran hitters could be had this offseason for cheap.  Sure, Jim Edmonds looked finished in San Diego last year (over 90 ABs), but his numbers bounced back nicely in Chicago.  Would he be worth a gamble as a veteran insurance policy in center and left?  What about Eric Hinske, who is kind of like the poor man’s Adam Dunn?  What about if Griffey has no real market and will sign for a 1 year deal? 

Even if it’s not Adam Dunn, there will be plenty of insurance options out there.

Obviously Dunn would still be my first choice because he is young and could settle into a corner OF / DH / occasional 1B routine for a few years.  But I’d consider any of those 3 I mentioned if it was a reasonable 1 year commitment.


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