Where will Varitek end up?

Jason Varitek declined arbitration last night and I must admit I am flummoxed by the situation.  Had Varitek accepted, he would have received a 1 year deal worth about $11 million.

I wouldn’t give Varitek $11 million over 3 years.  He is a terrible hitter and an average defender.  Boras has mentioned that he expects “Posada money” for Veritek, which is a joke. 

However, Boras is too smart to decline arbitration unless he knows he can get more.  So what team is dumb enough to give Varitek all that money?

Obviously I hope it’s the Red Sox, but I doubt it.

The Boston Heralds links the Tigers, Marlins, and Yankees as potential suitors.  The Tigers just traded for Laird, the Marlins have no money, and there is no way the Yankees want Varitek.  I just don’t see where the market is for his services.


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