Cashman off to get things done again

When Brian Cashman goes to see to a matter personally, things get done (see Sabathia, CC). 

Well, looks like Cash is off the see what the real deal is with Andy Pettitte.

I think we can expect something to be figured out on the Pettitte front soon.  My guess – Pettitte takes a 1 year deal for around $11 million in the next day or two. 

I’m beginning to get the sense that the Yankees want either Burnett or Lowe and either Sheets or Pettitte.  I think that 2 year deal they talked about with Sheets is probably the contingency plan for if Andy doesn’t sign.  In my mind though, Sheets should be the alternative to Burnett, as they are both high upside/high risk kind of pitchers. 

Seems like Burnett’s situation will also be figured out in the next day or so.  I don’t know how I feel about giving him over $80 million and 5 years, but I’ve rationlized a couple of ways:

The Yankees will have pitching depth in the coming years and even if some years Burnett only makes 20 or so starts, if he’s just healthy for the playoffs he will be a great weapon. 

Also, the Braves are going toe to toe with the Yankees bidding for him.  THE BRAVES.  They are frugal spenders and excellent at evaluating talent, especially pitching.  Somehow, that just makes the idea of Burnett in pinstripes easier to swallow.


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