Not so fast

So the Cameron deal is not done yet – Tyler Kepner has the details.

The Yanks think the Brewers should throw in some money, the Brewers think the Yankees should maybe throw in another player, and both teams are thinking of maybe expanding the deal.

I think this deal will get done in some form.  It makes too much sense not to.

But I am intrigued by the idea of the deal expanding – rumor has it to include Bill Hall and Kei Igawa.  Bill Hall‘s career has been on a downward trend since he signed his big deal.  You could say the same thing about Kei Igawa (though for Igawa, his MLB career never went up).  The Yankees could use the athletic Hall as a utility man who has some pop and at 28, Hall still has a little upside.  Igawa would benefit from a change of leagues and could potentially stick as the Brewer’s fifth starter.

Hall is wildly overpaid, but Igawa certainly isn’t worth the $4 million he makes a year.  Plus, Nick Punto just got 2 years and over $8 million to resign with the Twins, so utility men aren’t exactly cheap these days.


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