He’s no CC Sabathia

Anyone who’s been paying attention knows that two of my most hated storylines that are prevalent in the media are 1) Joba should be in the bullpen and 2) the Yankees should have traded for Santana.

Well, I’ve been listening to more of the BS report (The Sports Guys’ podcast – I know, I can’t help it) and his Yankee fan friend (Jack-O) who he brings on advocates for both of those things mentioned above.  Yes, this drives me crazy, but what I found particularly annoying is that on the show discussing Sabathia, the Santana “non-deal” is mentioned, as if signing Sabathia is still just an attempt cover up for last offseasons “mistake.”

Sure, Sabathia is good, the logic goes, but he’s no Johan Santana. 

My only answer is: are you kidding me?  CC is probably the better pitcher right now than Santana and has been for at least 2 seasons.

2007 ERA+: Sabathia 143, Santana 130

In 2008, Santana moved to the NL, and he bounced back to the tune of an ERA+ of 166.  Sabathia’s ERA+ over the course of the entire season was a tick below at 162.  But the thing to notice is that when Sabathia was in the NL, where he pitched more than half his innings, his ERA+ was 260(!). 

If you want to say they’re both still great pitchers fine.  But to imply that Santana is on a different level than Sabathia is just absurd. 

Most importantly though is Santana and Sabathia should have nothing to do with one another.  It didn’t make any sense for the Yankees to trade for Santana then and looking back it still doesn’t.  It did make sense for them to sign Sabathia.  End of story.


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