What CC should say

CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett will be introduced today and I’m actually hoping we won’t hear more of the same “I’ve always dreamed of being a Yankee” rhetoric. 

I personally think Burnett has always wanted to be a Yankee (and that’s part of the reason he pitches like his life depends on it every time he faces them).  But we know CC is a west coast guy who likes the NL.  And we also know he is going to be asked about why he came to NY and why it “took him so long” to agree to a deal.

(An aside here though: I am fine with saying CC had/has reservations regarding playing in NY.  But to criticize him for taking too much time is really insane.  This is one of the biggest decisions of his life; wouldn’t you at least take a couple weeks and explore your options?  Really, this actually came together quick.  He could have waited longer – there’s a decent chance a west coast team would have made a good offer once they’re out on Tex and Manny.)

So when CC explains his choice, I am hoping that he doesn’t go with the “this has always been my dream” routine.  Just tell it how it is.  Say the Yankees wanted you the most but you had to make sure first that it will be a good place for your family.  Say that of course you like the west coast, that’s where you’re from.  Explain how you came to decide NY will work for your family.

Sabathia seems like an honest, straight-forward kind of guy and he should play to that.  I think Yankee fans will buy it. 


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