Debunking some myths

Some different things I keep reading about that just aren’t true (much like the 3 year, $75 million Manny deal reported last night):

Myth 1: The Yankees need another big bat.

It’s not just a cliche: pitching wins.  The reason why the Rays did so well last year?  Consistent starting pitching.  They were relying on guys like Cliff Floyd and Eric Hinske to be big bats for them, and it worked.

The Yanks need bounce back years from Cano, Posada, and Matsui, and in case that doesn’t happen they should probably sign another guy for insurance.  Guys like Tex and Manny aren’t insurance though.  A Hinske-type would be.  You could talk me into Adam Dunn if his contract demands fall undr $10 million per.  But what the Yankees needed this offseason was pitching and that’s exactly what they got.

Myth 2:  Manny would take the pressure off of A-Rod.

A-Rod will always have the same amount of “pressure” on him, no matter what head case the Yankees sign.  Wait, you’re saying bringing in a big distraction for the team will help them focus?  How does that make sense at any level?

A-Rod did just fine in ’07 without a “big bat” behind him or ahead of him or wherever it is that people think helps.  A-Rod will hit with Matsui behind him, he will hit with Posada behind him, he’ll hit with Brett Gardner behind him.  End of story.

The whole idea of “protecting” someone in a lineup is itself a myth, but many other sources have already shown that, so I’m not going to waste my time here.

Myth 3:  Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes are busts and the Yankees have given up on them.

More on this in a later post, but IPK and Phil Franchise are much too young to be busts.  The Yankees have just gotten smart and they realize that slotting more than 1 young player with innings limits into your starting 5 is dangerous.  They have Joba in there already.  Between his limits and potential injuries and whatnot in the rotation, there will still be plenty of innings out there for Hughes, etc. 

And if there’s not?  Well, that’s a great problem to have.


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