Layin the odds

So Tex is set to announce his destination today.  I’d break down the odds like this:

50% – Red Sox

They’ve got the money, they clearly want Tex, and they offer a chance to win.

40% – Nationals

Reportedly offered $185 million+.  Money talks when it comes to Boras clients.

10% – Yankees

I never would have thought this just a week or two ago.  But it seems like the Yankees may have put Cameron on the backburner to keep money free in case Tex offers them a good deal, like Beltran did in ’05.  Still, very unlikely, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they came up with a creative deal if NY is where Tex wants to be.  And who knows – his idol growing up was Donny Baseball.


2 responses to “Layin the odds

  1. C’Mon. I’m dying for the analysis on this one. I must say, if the Sox picked Tex up for that bloated, ridiculous contract, I was trading in my faded hat for a National League team. I cannot wait to see this Yanks team fail to live up to expectations!!! On a serious note…Merry Christmas bro!

  2. Oh please, if the Sox signed Tex you’d be out in the street destroying public property with the rest of the card carrying, membership purchasing, Red Sox Nation.

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