How desperate are the Dodgers to trade Andruw Jones?

The Dodgers have restructured Andruw Jones’ contract so he will only be on the books for $5 million this season, in hopes of making him more appealing to trade. In theory, if they could save $5 million, that would be more money they could spend on Manny Ramirez.

However, it appears no one is willing to go near Jones. Buster Olney speculates that his career may be over.

Had the Yanks not just signed Teixiera, I think you could make a case for the Yankees: they’d have money to spend, $5 million is nothing for them, etc. They could let Jones compete with Melky and Gardner and hope he has bounce back year. If he doesn’t, they release him. For the deal to make sense though, I think the Yankees would also have to get a young player or two back.

But the Yankees’ budget is pretty much maxed out, so I can’t imagine them making a deal like this, which is probably for the best anyways.

The real question though: will the Dodgers get desperate enough that they’d include a prospect or two from their deep farm system to move Jones?

For teams like the Mets and Giants, who could use an outfielder, it seems silly for them to throw $5 million at such a risk when they could use that money for a run at a Manny or even an Adam Dunn. So really, it seems like until Dunn, Abreu, etc sign, the market for Jones won’t exist. But can the Dodgers get Manny without moving Jones?


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