Who can talk themselves into Oliver Perez?

On Sunday, the Post ran a (not surprisingly) moronic article stating the Yanks should sign Oliver Perez instead of Pettitte because they’d be seeking “basically” the same dollars.  This is, of course, not true, and neither is this:

Signing Perez would cement the Yankees’ rotation for years to come and would give them flexibility with Joba Chamberlain.

1 – They don’t need flexibility with Chamberlain. He’s a starter. 2 – Cement the rotation for years? Is this for real? We are talking about Oliver Perez, right?

I seriously thought this article was onion-like satire at first.

Today, Ken Rosenthal has this to say about Perez:

Oliver Perez, 27, is left-handed, eight years younger than Lowe and accustomed to pitching in New York. He also got married in mid-December, a sign of his growing maturity.

Getting married is now a reason why a free agent could start playing better? Just when I thought I saw it all…

I know people get tired of waiting for free agents to sign, but let’s not start talking ourselves into Ollie Perez just yet. This is how guys like him end up with terrible contracts; some crazy GM will panic and start using the same logic.


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