Apparently teams can’t choose who they sign

This from Peter Gammons (via

For instance, I know Derek Lowe feels very strongly that if A.J. Burnett is making $16 million a year, why am I not making a year? But this is not arbitration, this is the market, and the fact is there’s no market [for him] at $16 million. Now, there could have been. He could have gotten four-times-$15 million from the Yankees, but A.J. Burnett’s agents stopped Scott Boras [who is Lowe’s agent] and beat him to the Yankees. The Yankees wanted Lowe, but A.J. Burnett’s agents did a better job.

How is this even remotely possible? How could Burnett’s agents “stop” Scott Boras? If the Yankees wanted Lowe more than Burnett, wouldn’t they have signed Lowe? Did Burnett’s agents threaten Cashman’s family or something? I mean it’s not like the Yankees don’t have a top notch scouting department. They knew what their options were. The Yankees had to go to a 5th year to keep Burnett away from the Braves. If they thought Lowe was the better sign, they would have offered him that money. They’re the Yankees. They get who they want. You’d think the Sabathia and Teixiera signings would make that obvious.

These comments sound like sour grapes against Scott Boras for screwing over the Red Sox (and Red Sox players) recently (Got Manny out of Boston, cost Varitek money and will likely get him out of Boston, kept Tex from Boston, etc). And he makes the Yankees sound like the naive corporation that just throws money at anything with no plan, which is pretty much what ESPN wants them to be. Of course, an educated fan would know better than that I’d hope.


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