Nady and Swisher rumors

So the hot Yankee rumor is that Cashman is actively shopping Xavier Nady and Nick Swisher.  I’ve said before that I think the Yankees would be smart to keep both of them because having depth is a good thing and injuries are unavoidable.  I especially want the Yankees to keep Nick Swisher because I think he is going to prove to be a tremendous value.  Well, this from

I’ve been told by a good source that Yankees GM Brian Cashman wants to keep Swisher to replace Bobby Abreu in right field and deal Nady, who becomes a free agent after the 2009 season.

This makes me feel better, even if we have no way of verifying it. It makes no sense to trade Swisher when you just bought low on the guy and got him for almost nothing. Nady, on the other hand, is coming off of the best season of his career and it is quite possible that it will always remain the best season of his career.

So, while depth is important, trading Nady now might be the right move, especially when you consider his agent is Scott Boras, so after this year to retain Nady’s services you’ll have to pay him top market value.

I think Cashman was prepared to make Nady his full time right fielder if Tex didn’t come aboard. But now that he has, Cashman might as well explore his options. With an outfield of Damon, Gardner, and Swisher and Melky as the 4th, the Yanks could easily bring in a cheap power bat (say an Eric Hinske, Cliff Floyd type) to provide depth.  So if now is the time when Cashman can get the most value for Nady, then he probably should do it.  And if he holds on to him?  Well, that works too.


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