Hall of Fame thoughts

Well, Rickey Henderson is in the Hall of Fame, which is fitting.  Jim Rice is in as well, which is not.  I would say that if Rice is in, then Mattingly should be in (especially if we want to factor in things that don’t exist; I’ll see your “most feared hitter” and raise you a “heart and soul of the Yankees”), but really it’s not fair to use one mistake to justify another.

I think Rob Neyer has the best take on the Hall of Fame voting.  I particularly like that he mentions Albert Belle, who, if you look at the numbers, is essentially a better version of Jim Rice who will never get a serious mention for the Hall of Fame.  He also breaks down what a joke it is that Tim Raines is so overlooked.

How much longer until everyone can get up in arms over the candidacy of Clemens and Bonds?  I can’t wait.  


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