People still don’t know what steroids are

I don’t really care that much about steroids, especially when compared to the media and the masses in general, both of whom love a good witch hunt.   One of my reasons though?  Because we have trouble defining what steroids are and what is allowed and what isn’t.

Case in point, via Yahoo Sports.

So “The Clear” was legal when Bonds used it, but it’s illegal now.  And somehow this matters?  Well, maybe from a legal standpoint, but from a competitive one it just shows how inane the entire thing is.

Why do we label a certain drug as good and others bad?  Presumably, it’s to protect our health; drugs that harm us should be illegal, so that others aren’t pressured into taking them to stay competitive.

But with many of the modern drugs today, there is a fine line between what helps us and what harms us and what is legal and what is illegal.   I always thought that was Pettitte’s best defense when it came to HGH –  it’s not really a “steroid,” in the traditional sense, and people didn’t even put it in that class until relatively recently.

Despite what people may say, just because a drug gives you an “advantage” does not mean it is “bad” or should be illegal.  There are plenty of good, healthy drugs and supplements out there that are undeniably positive but also undeniably provide an advantage.

Best of all about this article though is that it is, as of the moment, getting no real press coverage.  Wait, people aren’t interested in athletes being innocent of PED use?  Go figure.


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