No love for Swisher?

It’s been a busy winter for the Yankees and I, along with most Yankee fans, can’t wait for 2009. I’m cautiously optimistic about A.J. Burnett. I’m pumped about Mark Teixiera. Thinking about CC Sabathia makes me want to freeze myself so I can just wake up and have it be opening day.

But more than anyone, I can’t wait to see what Nick Swisher can do. This might come as a surprise, but I just can’t get over what a great pickup he is. I’ve discussed before as to why this is: just a year ago he was a marquee young player. He had one mediocre season and people have given up on him. Bottom line is I think he will be a very productive player for the Yankees moving forward.

However, supposedly he and Nady are on the trading block and apparently Swish is generating the most interest:

The Yankees are said to be getting more interest in Nick Swisher than Xavier Nady, who’s a year from free agency. Swisher, though, has $21 million left on his contract after his disappointing season with the White Sox, so the Yankees will be luckier to dispose of that contract if they can.

Dispose of that contract? Since when would the Yankees be lucky to dispose of a valuable player signed at a reasonable cost?

Swisher should be the everyday right fielder. He fields well. He’s versatile. He’s not a liability on the bases. He hits lefties. He hits righties. He hits for power.

Please, Cashman, do not trade him away.


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