Would Pettitte really retire?

Seems like everyday there is a new article up about Andy Pettitte and the Yankees.  I have to admit, I’m surprised a deal hasn’t been reached.  I thought that after the buzz from the Teixiera signing faded a bit, Pettitte would come on board.

Rumor is though, that players like Abreu and Dunn could be facing $5 million deals.   So what kind of market could there possibly be for Pettitte, a player who says he only want to play for the Yanks?

It would seem that the only other legitimate option for Pettitte is to retire.  Is Pettitte really ready to call it quits?  His elbow is sound.  His family is happy with him playing.

Well, I don’t think he retires.  So I do think he will come back to the Yankees.  But Pettitte is now running the risk of damaging his once-immaculate reputation with Yankee fans.  Fans forgave him for the HGH-hoopla.  And after the Yankees stood by him, Pettitte said he wanted to return and it wasn’t about the money.

But it is about money, apparently.  So, if Pettitte continues to hold out over money, what will fans think?

The Ben Sheets market, which is just starting to develop, also makes the Pettitte situation intriguing.  If the Yankees could swoop in and grab Sheets from 2 years and $18 million, is it worth it for his upside rather than Pettitte’s reliability?  Probably not, but the longer this thing plays out, the more you begin to wonder.


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