Say it ain’t so, Joe

According to many news outlets (read ESPN’s account here), Joe Torre is about to release a “tell-all” book about his time with the Yankees. Reportedly, Torre speaks ill of (of course) George Steinbrenner, but primarily Brian Cashman and A-Rod.

Now, I am going to reserve final judgment until the book is actually released. Tabloids like The Daily News and the NY Post, where this story originated, are of course going to try and make a big deal about this book. And of course ESPN is going to report anything that seems like negative Yankee news.

But this whole thing just does not seem like something Joe Torre would do. Torre is revered in NY as a class act, and suddenly “dishing dirt” in what would seem to be a petty attempt at revenge probably won’t do much to reinforce that reputation.

I have a feeling this book won’t be quite as incendiary as people are anticipating. Really, what does Torre have to gain? He got out of New York at the perfect time – right before the Yankees were hit with a myriad of injuries and the AL East became even more competitive thanks to the Rays. He went to an extremely talented Dodgers team that plays in an absolutely abysmal division. Manny or no Manny, the Dodgers should be in the playoffs for the remainder of Torre’s tenure.

What I find ironic about this though, is Torre reportedly saying no one respected A-Rod and called him “A-Fraud.” Well, isn’t Torre’s number one strength that he can manage superstar personalities? (It sure as hell isn’t bullpen management or late-game decision making.) Yet, A-Rod, the biggest superstar to ever play under Torre, couldn’t relate to him and this book apparently will just reinforce that.

And then there is Torre saying A-Rod was “obsessed” with Jeter. Isn’t Torre the same guy who sat in the dugout holding Jeter’s bat?

Torre also says Brian Cashman betrayed him, which is absurd. Cashman routinely worked his butt off to get Torre all the players he wanted, only to watch him squander postseason opportunities and blow out bullpen arms. The fact that Cashman supported Torre getting a 1 year deal is about as much as you could expect. Torre simply did not fit in with Cashman’s vision of a team built around the newest ideas in scouting and statistical analysis.

At any rate, we’ll know what the book really says soon enough and see if Torre is really as bitter as the media outlets are making him seem.


One response to “Say it ain’t so, Joe

  1. Thanks for some sane, even-handed commentary on this subject. Just like the team, I am trying to avoid distractions as the season begins. Let’s pray this book hype dies down before spring training.

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