The inevitable return

Well, that happened quickly.

Obviously, this is where Pettitte always wanted to go and it’s good to see the deal get done. The contract is very incentive-laden, so the Yankees minimize their risk a bit.

Most of all though, the Yankees have the proverbial “innings eater,” something that is very hard to find in the AL East. Some people have made a very good case for the Yankees getting involved in the Ben Sheets negotiations, and I completely agree as far as upside goes, but having too much turnover in a rotation in one year is never a good idea (2004 comes to mind). Plus, with Burnett, Joba, Hughes, etc, the Yankees are brimming with upside. With durable veterans? Not so much.

So it’s good to have you on board, Andy. Sure, maybe Cashman keeps kicking the tires a bit on trading Nady, but I think this is the team the Yankees go to battle with.


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