The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl turned out to be much more exciting than I anticipated and all I have to say is, if I were an Arizona fan, I’d be absolutely haunted by what transpired. The insane 14 point swing before the half (that included a couple blocks in the back during the return (not to mention on a throw Warner didn’t need to make)), all the times the d-line almost had a sack, the sketchy blown call at the end of the game (where Warner’s incomplete pass was ruled a fumble on the field and never even reviewed).

Just a strange game. And the thing is, if you’re a Cardinals fan, how confident are you that the Cards can get back to the big game any time soon? The Steelers are a good franchise; they seem to compete year in and year out and it’s not unrealistic to think they’ll be back in the Super Bowl in coming years. That might have been Arizona’s big chance.

Then again, would you rather live in Arizona or Pittsburgh? I guess things have a way of evening out.

Other thoughts:

The top three commercials: 1. The job search ad where the koala bear gets punched in the face. 2. The ad where the stuffed deer head in the boss’s office has it’s… um… hind quarters over the desk of the employee. 3. The flower commercial where the box of flowers verbally berates the woman.

Maybe that speaks to the overall lack of funny commercials, but those are the three that made me laugh.

As far as halftime goes – I’ve never been a Springsteen fan… and well, let’s just say I’m still not. I simply don’t understand what it is that he does well. It’s certainly not singing or playing the guitar. But hey, guess it’s better than N’ Sync and the random pop acts they used to run out there in the 90’s.


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