The holes in A-Rod’s story

A-Rod’s interview will of course be over analyzed and I’m not going to respond to most of it – I mean, who has the time. But The Big Lead pointed out a few that’ll I’ll discuss quickly:

* He’s in a tough spot answering the “what did you take” question. He has to dodge it. Is there a skilled way to do so? Don’t know. But “loosey-goosey” and GNC and dancing around the question just looks bad. Nobody believes that he just took random shit that he got handed to him by random people in a clubhouse.

* Ditto with the “how’d you get the drugs?”

* The idea that he didn’t know about failing the drug test until Selena Roberts approached him last week is a joke.

The first two are what most people will harp on, but the explanation given here – that A-Rod “[had] to dodge it” – is exactly right. How could A-Rod possibly start giving up sources and naming drugs? I don’t care how honest he wants to be, that’s just opening up a whole new can of worms. The point of his confession to to put the issue behind him. If he starts naming these things, it will keep him embroiled in the controversy. How he handled it is better himself, and quite honestly, baseball if we’re doing to move forward.

The last point I disagree with. The 2003 testing was anonymous. Why would A-Rod know that he failed that test? It took the government seizing the tests for anyone to know this information. Sure, A-Rod could have known there was a chance he did. But concretely? Seems doubtful. And after all – what does he really have to gain by lying about that anyways?


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