One team’s bargain is another’s missed opportunity

The rest of the free agents are starting to sign and, as predicted, both Adam Dunn and Bobby Abreu were had at incredibly cheap deals – Dunn, 2 years, $20 million and Abreu 1 year, $5 million.

Dunn will likely continue his 40 home run consistency in relative obscurity. Abreu will help the Angel offense which, without Teixiera, looks pretty weak (some projections, that I will talk about in a future post, predicted the Angels as a sub .500 team, pre-Abreu).

As good of deals as these are for the Nats and Angels, I can’t help but think of the Mets. How in the world are they still sitting on their hands while these contracts are signed? They wouldn’t offer Abreu $6 million, with a need in the OF and a new stadium opening up? Really?

Unless the Mets are secretly getting involved in the Manny negotiations, I have no idea what their plan is. They signed an overrated player (K-Rod) for a somewhat overrated position (closer) and traded for a superfluous pitcher (Putz) to fill a very overrated position (set-up man). Are they a better team than last year? I don’t know. They should be good – but talent wise they should have been very good last season. Seems to me like a wasted opportunity.


2 responses to “One team’s bargain is another’s missed opportunity

  1. how is set-up role and closer role overrated??

    -do we expect starting pitching to go 9 innings all the time??
    -shortening the game for the starter is overrated also?

    so the combination of wettland and mo was overrated? could we have won all those championships n the 90’s without a dominating bullpen?

  2. Thanks for the comment. I’m actually going to respond to your questions in a post because I think it’s worth expanding on.

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