Questions for A-Rod

Well, let’s face it, this probably won’t go well (and by this, I mean A-Rod’s press conference). When Andy Pettitte held his press conference last spring training, it caused a buzz, was well received by the media, and everyone moved on. However, there is a big difference between Pettitte and Rodriguez – people want to believe Andy.

With everyone trying to find fault in, well, pretty much everything A-Rod says, it’s hard to imagine this press conference stopping all the A-Rod/steroids talk. But who knows, there is still hope – I’m an optimist, after all.

So what would I ask Alex?

1. Why did you bring up Selena Roberts so much in your Gammons interview if you truly didn’t have the proper information?

2. Why did you agree to give an exclusive interview with Gammons and ESPN when ESPN attempts to ruin you every chance they get?

3. Do you realize the silver lining to this situation – that your steroid distraction has kept idiot reporters from writing stories about Joba going to the bullpen, CC Sabathia not coming through in the postseason, and the Yankees not trading for Johan Santana?

Yeah, that’s pretty much all I’ve got.


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