Time for A-Rod to stop trying

Yesterday, I predicted that no matter what A-Rod said, his press conference would be poorly received. And I was right, as most media sources are still finding fault in his story (I’m not going to link or address them all, because I don’t have that kind of time). At some point, people just need to ask: what could he possibly say that would make everyone happy? Pettitte was MUCH more vague in his answer, yet everyone accepted it and moved on.

So obviously this story is not about steroids, it’s about A-Rod. The media trails him like a pack of wild dogs. They want him destroyed. If it’s not steroids, it will be something else. At some point, fans need to realize that this senseless witch hunt has obscured the fact that we’re talking about a GAME. The point of baseball is to entertain us. If it doesn’t entertain you because of some crazy moral outrage you feel towards the participants, then don’t watch.

I thought A-Rod was about has forthcoming as anyone could reasonably expect. He is not going to name names and give up other people. It simply can’t happen. So he said what he did wrong and that should be the end of it. I’m sure it won’t be, but it should. After all, what more does anyone have to gain at this point? What has anyone ever stood to gain from all this?

This is what The Big Lead wrote after the newsconference:

Did A-Rod really think that he’d throw off everyone’s scent with a little misdirection? Injecting himself for three years with something he wasn’t even sure was working (even though his stats gave a definitive answer)? Hahahahaha. Like the aggressive New York media’s just going to roll over and let that one slide.

Oops. Forgot. Sheep Fans don’t care. No need to report things out. Just give the baseball public homers and wins and VORP and forget the best player in the game was ‘roiding up for three years. What’s the end game? How far to take this? It took awhile for the media to crack the Bonds case … and the guys who did wrote a book that sold well and one of them was scooped up by ESPN. Next week or next month or next year, somebody will get the cousin (or expose the lie), and we’ll do this dance again.

Sheep fans? Sheep fans are the ones who still care about this steroid story simply because it’s forced down their throat. And let’s not act like the “baseball public” is somehow more naive than other sports. Drug use in the NFL is overlooked, and has always been overlooked, and no one even cares. Former NFL players have drastically reduced life spans due to what they have to do to their bodies to stay competitive, and no one cares. A team was caught video taping another team and no one cared. NBA games were fixed by the refs. Guess what? No one really cared.

There are two things that steroids risk: the health of the players and the competitive balance of the league. Yet, both the NFL and NBA have had (and still have) significantly larger issues with these two things. AND NO ONE CARES. So maybe we should calm down with all this A-Rod stuff, huh?


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