Mets still asleep at the wheel

So with Orlando Hudson signing an under-market 1 year contract with the Dodgers, the Mets have sat by as another player who could significantly upgrade their team is taken off the market. The combined deals for Hudson and Abreu will be a 1 year commitment of around $10 million or so depending on incentives. Had the Mets brought in those 2 players, they would, without a doubt, have the most dynamic team in the National League.

As for the Hudson signing, I’ll let Keith Law summarize:

The big question here is where the Mets were in all of this. They have an expensive sieve — no, black hole — at second base in Luis Castillo, and Hudson would be an easy upgrade of almost two wins. The Mets already surrendered their first draft pick to sign Francisco Rodriguez, so they would have lost only their second-round pick, 69th overall, if they’d signed Hudson. Topping the contract the Dodgers gave him should have been easy for a team moving into a new stadium. The Mets haven’t increased their payroll despite the imminent revenue increase from Citi Field (or Boondoggle Park), and in this instance they missed a chance to improve their odds of reaching the playoffs over a relatively meager amount of money. Their loss is the Dodgers’ gain.

This deal isn’t really a slam dunk for the Dodgers though. They lose the #17 pick to the division rival Diamondbacks (and since the top 15 are protected, that’s the 2nd highest pick a team can possibly lose). That pick is high enough where it will give Arizona a shot at a top grade prospect. Not to mention the Dodgers already have both Blake DeWitt and Casey Blake (whose signing, was, in retrospect, shortsighted).

Bottom line – Hudson would have been perfect for the Mets.


2 responses to “Mets still asleep at the wheel

  1. I think the Mets have really missed a chance to have a great off-season. They really should have taken advantage of a weak market and cashed in on a low priced corner outfielder. They should have ignored Perez, took the picks, and signed another starter. They should have signed Hudson.

    Juan Cruz is still available, they should sign him.

    They could have signed Abreu, Hudson, Cruz, and Lowe instead of Perez and only paid less than $20 million more than they are paying now.

  2. I agree 100%. What must also be frustrating for Mets fans is that if they did sign those players, only Lowe would have been more than a 1 year commitment. So not really breaking the bank or assuming much risk.

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