Selig should take responsibility

By now, I’ve made it pretty clear that I don’t really care about steroid use in baseball. But what I do care about is the game moving past it so we can actually focus on… well, baseball. That’s why I think Bud Selig is most culpable for this entire mess.

This is what Selig should say:

“Blame for the steroid problem falls squarely on me. This is baseball’s problem and therefore as the MLB commissioner, I failed in my job to steer the game away from issues that could potentially damage fans appreciation of the sport. By ignoring this developing situation for years, not only did it spin out of control, but it changed the culture of the game. It is hard to make the players culpable when many were forced to turn to PEDs to keep up with the competition and ultimately keep their jobs. Consequently, finding out who exactly did what in the past is irrelevant. What is important is that we do everything in our power now to rectify these past transgressions so there will be no ethical questions regarding player’s performances in the future.”

Does it matter if Selig really is to blame or even thinks he is to blame? No, not at all. But he is the head of baseball and by passing the blame on to others he allows the situation to linger. Saying things like “I warned about this back in 1995” is not only incredibly misleading (mainly because it’s false) but incredibly hurtful to the game, because the media will continue to hunt out people to blame. Nothing, I repeat – NOTHING, is gained by attempting to dig up more steroid dirt from baseball’s past. The only way to move past it is to have the face of baseball itself (and no, not A-Rod) take responsibility.


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