Jamie Moyer is not a Hall of Famer

This one was a news story a good week back, but I’m going to comment anyways: Jamie Moyer has a lot of opinions on A-Rod. Some of them:

Those were the days when Rodriguez appeared to be on his way to the Hall of Fame.


“I don’t see how he has a chance,” Moyer said yesterday. “Who in their right mind would vote for anyone who got caught taking that stuff?”

Anyone who actually wants to vote for the best baseball players to make the Hall of Fame. Isn’t that what this is about? Since when has the Hall of Fame been about voting in the most ethical players? Ty Cobb is in there, right?

Asked if his sons, now teenagers, were disappointed in Rodriguez, Moyer said: “I’m sure they are. We’ve talked a little about it. It’s also a lesson. One day he’s a Hall of Famer, and in a 24-hour period he’s not because of a poor decision. That’s a shame.”

This is exactly the point: it’s impossible for a player to be a Hall of Famer and then 24 hours later not be – and quite frankly, ridiculous.

In addition to 553 career homers, Rodriguez has won three MVP awards.

Are those numbers tainted?

“Of course they are,” Moyer said. “This changes everything – the way people look at him, the way people act toward him. It’s a shame. What does he have to play for now?”

What does he have to play for now? Even if we assume the stupid and illogical notion that A-Rod is no longer capable of being a Hall of Fame player no matter what he does, he still has plenty to play for. How about the MILLIONS of dollars he stands to make? How about the World Series he could win?

Come to think of it, using this logic, what do YOU have to play for Jamie Moyer? You aren’t going to the Hall of Fame. Not because of any sort of pseudo-ethical witch hunt but because you’re not that good of a baseball player.


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