A-Rod bashing reaches new low

Just when I think the efforts to discredit Alex Rodriguez can’t get any worse, there comes this article from Bob Klapisch. In what should be a nice account of how Jason Giambi used Derek Jeter’s support to survive his days in pinstripes, Klapisch cannot avoid the temptation to drag A-Rod into it:

One other factor worked in Giambi’s favor, as well. Unlike A-Rod, who’s had two chances to come clean (and still hasn’t), Giambi called a news conference before the start of spring training in 2005 and confessed. His words were measured — he never used the term “steroids” — but at least there was no blame assigned to a mysterious third party.

I can’t even believe the stupidity of this comment. Just to be clear, during his apology press conference, that happened ONLY after his story got leaked (exactly like A-Rod), Giambi said he was sorry but would not even say WHAT HE WAS APOLOGIZING FOR. Sorry for the caps, but come on. Who in their right mind could say Giambi confessed while A-Rod didn’t? A-Rod named the drug he used, gave an explanation as to how he got it, and gave a time frame (even if he wasn’t willing to go into every specific). Giambi didn’t even say he used steroids! He just said he was sorry!

Both players had good reasons for obscuring certain things. Giambi didn’t want to get his contract voided. A-Rod doesn’t want to get into naming names for legal reasons. I have no problem with either apology.

I am just stunned however, that Giambi “confessed” while A-Rod didn’t. Chalk another one up on the “A-Rod can’t win” tally count.


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