Spring training thoughts

Just some thoughts from spring training so far:

– I want Brett Gardner to succeed and he is off to a blazing start. But remember that back in 2005, Tony Womack hit over .500 in spring training. It looked like he might score 150 runs. We all know how that turned out.

– Speaking of Brett Gardner, isn’t it about time the Yankees get a young prospect who exceeds his expectations? I follow the minor leagues pretty closely, so by the time a player reaches the majors, I know what is expected of them. Just two seasons ago, Dustin Pedroia projected as a utility player because he didn’t have the ability to play short every day and didn’t have a big league level bat. Well, now he’s the reigning MVP. Sometimes teams just need to catch those kind of breaks. Cano, before last season, performed better than he was ever predicted to, but for the most part, the Yankees haven’t caught many breaks in this department.

My point: many scouts think Gardner will never be anything more than a 4th outfielder, but let’s hope he proves them wrong.

– If you love Mariano Rivera, and chances are you do, here’s a must read for you: another breakdown of Rivera’s incomparable cutter. I could read those kind of articles all day.

– So I’ve been posting a little less frequently because I am in the process of moving. One of the movers we hired saw me wearing my new Sabathia shirt and started talking Yankees with me. He lamented that the Yankees haven’t been good in a long time (which is absurd, but whatever). His reason why though? Rivera. Since ’04, Rivera just hasn’t been any good. I was going to say, “well actually Rivera has been the best reliever in baseball since that point and is coming off perhaps his best season.” But I decided it wasn’t worth it.

The real scary thing is, there are probably other Yankees fans out there who think that way. I always look at things written about the Yankees in the NY papers and think to myself “who would believe this stuff?” I guess now I know.


One response to “Spring training thoughts

  1. Are you saying spring training stats don’t mean anything and people should calm down about Gardner? Blasphemy.

    You’re right though, I wouldn’t mind him turning into another Cano.

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