Don’t panic, but maybe you should start looking around

So Alex Rodriguez might miss half the season; he might miss no time at all. It’s the smart move to say he is going the route of rest and recovery because then the Yankees do not seem desperate for a temporary third baseman.

I have a suspicion, however, that if Cash is able to find a suitable replacement, A-Rod will go ahead and have surgery. And if A-Rod has to play? Well, even when not 100%, he’s still a pretty good player.

The Yankees could use some infield depth anyways, so if they can find a reasonable rental, that player would probably be good to have around even after A-Rod returns. The guys at RAB suggested a Bobby Crosby type, which would make sense; that type of a player could shift to the utility infielder role come July.


One response to “Don’t panic, but maybe you should start looking around

  1. It sounds like Mark Grudzielanek is the current favorite. He’s still a good hitter vs LHP (.395/.459/.523 vs lefties last year), and while he’s mostly played 2B, he played a little shortstop in 2006 and 2007. He played 31 games at 3B way back in ’95. At least he wouldn’t cost us a prospect in a trade the way Bobby Crosby or Mark Teahen would. Still, it’s hard to get excited about Grudz.

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