Does anyone care about Clemens anymore?

Seems like every few days ESPN runs a steroid related headline regarding Roger Clemens. I don’t usually bother clicking on them, because I don’t care. But are there really people out there who are still concerned with this tired storyline? I did read today’s installment, however, more out of curiosity than concern.

Same old story – McNamee says he injected Clemens. But this quote from McNamee I found kind of disturbing:

“That day, he laid out the drugs, dropped his trousers and I did as he asked, that is, inject him with steroids. Afterwards, he told me to get rid of the needle. I went into the kitchen and found an empty Miller Lite can in a wastebasket under the sink. I put the used needle into the can because it was actually hazardous material at that point and I didn’t want anyone to get hurt by sticking themselves. He told me to throw it away but I kept it instead.”

I have to say, and this is not really an attempt to defend Clemens, because, again, I don’t care, but are we really supposed to believe a trainer saved used needles for 8 years? In beer cans? Where did he keep them and why? Did he know he’d one day be ratting out Clemens or perhaps blackmailing him?

Just a weird story that should go away.


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