An epic at the Garden

I tuned into last night’s Syracuse-UConn game expecting a good game. What I got was an epic rollercoaster that kept me up until the later hours.


– If SU had lost that game, I would have been extremely bitter. I know I’m a Syracuse fan, but the treatment Thabeet gets from the refs is insane. He should have been fouled out of that game in regulation – and as we saw, once he was gone, UConn has no answer for Flynn’s ability to penetrate. On two pivotal UConn possessions at the end of regulation, Thabeet first committed a textbook offense charge, and then later pulled a Syracuse player to the ground on the loose ball, clearing space for a game tying put back from his teammate.

Along those lines, I also was upset the shot by Devendorf at the end of regulation was wiped off. The refs and announcers both don’t seem to understand the meaning of the word conclusive. On TV, they showed us multiple angles – the first few, the announcers said “he got it off in time” and in fact, it did look that. Upon subsequent angles however, it looked like the ball was still touching his finger tips. THAT IS NOT CONCLUSIVE. I don’t understand why it is that having a picture where it looks like the ball is still in his hands is conclusive, whereas having a picture showing the opposite is inconclusive. It’s all about perspective. Both views are equally accurate, which is why there simply was no conclusive evidence as to whether the ball was still in his hands – therefore, you go with the ruling on the court.

– I am VERY impressed with Andy Rautins. I used to think of him as simply a streaky spot shooter, but he has the ability to hit not only big shots, but big shots from very deep with people on him – almost McNamara-esque. And his passing and ballhandling, particularly in the Seton Hall game, has also been a big surprise.

– Couldn’t the NBA have small tournaments like this for each division? Wouldn’t that make what is a boring part of the NBA season exciting? The winner of the tournament would be in the playoffs no matter what, so every team would still have something to play for late in the season… just a thought.

– Doesn’t SU have to be at least a 4 seed now and probably a 3 seed?


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