WBC needs to change its dates

Robinson Cano and Demaso Marte are both injured from the WBC. So is Dustin Pedroia of the Red Sox. This isn’t that surprising; part of the goal of spring training is to get players slowly in shape to play baseball. The WBC has players immediately going 100%, which just isn’t wise.

This is why the WBC needs to be played in the fall, not the spring.

As long as the WBC is played in warm weather locations, it could easily be played in the first few weeks of November, after the World Series (or potentially in October – should MLB worry about it competing with the playoffs?).

Many players actually NEED more work after the season, so in that sense, the WBC could become a positive for MLB teams. In spring training, teams have no idea how much work a player will get in during the season, so they want to play it safe. If the WBC is played after the season, we’ll know exactly how much a player can handle.

Think of all the players, pitchers especially, who get hurt during the year and don’t get to put in enough innings or ABs. Now, some of those players could go to the WBC to get work in. They could start practicing together as soon as the regular season is over, more players joining as teams get eliminated from the MLB playoffs.

Joba or Hughes fell a few innings short of where the Yankees wanted them? Let them go toss a few for America.

And of course, players will already be in playing shape, so that should help reduce injuries.

And if players get hurt anyways?

Well, they then have the entire offseason to recover. I know this means the rest of the world is playing by the schedule of America’s professional sports league’s schedule, but MLB is, after all, the premier league in the world.


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