Looking at spring training numbers

Let’s face it: spring training numbers are pretty useless.

With that out of the way, let’s look at some notables:

Brett Gardner: .375 / .444 / .781
Angel Berroa: .429 / .444 / .743
Cody Ransom: .400 / .432 / .543
Melky Cabrera: .259 / .375 / .370

I highlight those 4 because they have the most to play for.  Ransom is trying to prove he can handle 3B in A-Rod’s absence, Berroa is fighting to be the utility infielder, and Gardner and Melky are of course fighting for the CF position. 

No one is going to buy into those absurd slugging percentages that Gardner and Berroa have posted (though Peter Gammons did mention at one point that Gardner has gotten a lot stronger in the offseason), but the CF job has to belong to Gardner at this point, right?  And Berroa has to be the util guy with A-Rod out?

The spring training numbers don’t mean much but we have to evaluate these guys somehow.  Personally, I’d rather the util guy be defense-oriented (where have you gone Alberto Gonzalez?), but Berroa seems to deserve a shot, even if I could see him being DFA’d by June.     


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