The Sandman returns

Rivera’s first spring training outing yesterday: 11 pitches, 8 strikes.  3 batters – K looking, groundout to the pitcher, K looking.

The YES gun had him around 92, which is a little slow for him perhaps, but considering his lengthy layoff, is encouraging.  The funny part is watching him on the mound, he clearly wasn’t happy with his location.  And of course, he might be right – the Pirates spring training team isn’t exactly top notch.  Just because he succeeded doesn’t mean he has his control was where he wants it.

But either way – it’s good to see him back.

Other thoughts:

– Sabathia looked overpowering (with the given Pirates caveat).  Needless to say, looks like his previous bad start is behind him.  Not that any of this matters since it’s spring training, but we need something to talk about. 

– Matsui looks comfortable at the plate and I think that he’s going to have a big year.  People always seem to forget how good of a hitter he is.  He’s on my fantasy team, also, so if he plays well, that’s win-win for me.

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